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Top Pick: DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment


There’s nothing as rewarding as being a mom and that means finding the best products out there to safely keep your baby happy and healthy. And, that’s why I have loved seeing my daughter, Amber raise her family and work so hard to develop DNA Miracles™ Natural Soothing Ointment. Sometimes when baby’s skin is irritated, they’re nearly inconsolable – from dry skin to other natural irritations. But with a product like this soothing ointment, you know it’s natural, safe and will give baby that relief he or she needs from irritated skin.

Amber uses this product on her own babies to keep their skin soft, supple and moisturized, but I have to admit, it’s awesome for adults too, especially when you’re dealing with razor burn or the harsh irritation of waxing. I use it all the time! Haven’t tried it yourself? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of DNA Miracles™ Natural Soothing Ointment, my top pick for the week.


Top Pick: DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment

DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment is a nontoxic formula strong enough to soothe and yet gentle enough for the softest skin. Using natural ingredients like willow herb and coconut oil, this ointment protects your child’s (and your own!) sensitive skin while locking in much-needed moisture. It helps keep your baby’s skin healthy and hydrated while providing soothing comfort.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Helps soothe skin
  • Moisturizes dry skin areas
  • Locks in moisture
  • Uses natural ingredients to protect sensitive skin
  • Works great for razor burn on legs or after harsh skin treatments, like waxing
The Soothing Ointment is also part of the Bath Time Box

This product safe to apply anywhere on baby.  It’s formulated for head-to-toe use and is safe to apply all over the body – avoiding eyes. Use this product when skin becomes irritated to soothe and provide ultimate comfort.

Why does it work so well? DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment glides over the skin like a calming balm, locking in moisture to promote healthy-looking skin.

It can be used daily or when you notice baby’s skin is extra dry or irritated. DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment should be used whenever you notice dry skin that needs moisturizing. I

This product is 100% safe for use on newborns. DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment is safe for all age babies. It is formulated with natural ingredients.

It’s easy to use, even on baby. First, gently clean the baby’s skin with mild wipes or a warm wet washcloth. Make sure the baby’s skin is dry before applying the Soothing Ointment. Apply a generous amount of DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment to the baby’s skin with either a clean finger or cotton swab.

Should I use this product for irritation on my baby’s bottom? It can be used anywhere to soothe the skin; however, I recommend DNA Miracles Natural Diaper Cream, as it helps to insulate against irritation, and keeps the baby’s skin soft and smooth.

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This is also one of my personal go-to products when I’m dealing with razor burn or harsh irritation from skin treatments, but it’s also the best for babies and kiddos. My own daughter, mom of three, swears by it. The next time you’re looking for an all-natural ointment, perfect for baby – give this one a try.

Do you use this DNA Miracles product? How do you use it? Share in the comments!