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Step 1: How to Love Yourself

love yourself

Everyone is talking about how critical it is to love yourself this year, but few are telling us how to actually achieve this Holy Grail of happiness. Some people we cross paths with in life seemingly were born with unapologetic self-confidence and self-love. For many others, the pursuit of learning to self-love can be a lifelong journey filled with obstacles.

Step 1: How to Love Yourself

love yourself

People who don’t love themselves typically have chaotic lifestyles overflowing with addiction and self-destructive behaviors. A lack of self-love attracts the wrong relationship and life choices. Meanwhile, those who love themselves are mindful of their health and happiness and are less likely to engage in self-sabotaging habits or be around people they know are no good for their spirit.

Self-love is SO vital for a happy life that I’ve broken down the steps to guide you on your journey of self-love into a few bitesize modules to ensure the information is easier to absorb.

Step 1: Be in your feelings.

Meditate for a few moments to empty your mind. Consider all of the things that may be blocking you from progress. Blockages can manifest in your personal and your work life. Do you feel angry, lonely, heartbroken, anxious, depressed, or in fear? What’s the root cause of these feelings? Your intuition will guide you to the answer.

Once you’ve identified the source of your pain, you can begin healing your wounds by recognizing how you can take responsibility for your feelings. For example, if your partner is making you feel depressed and alone, that’s not your fault, that’s on them. However, you can take responsibility for the fact you are choosing to stay with them and continue feeling this pain. If the source of your pain has resulted in you becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol, you can take responsibility for entertaining this destructive behavior when you could seek help and support.

Step one is all about opening up your heart and your soul to yourself and taking responsibility for your feelings and your life. Stay tuned for step 2 coming tomorrow.


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