4 Simple Steps to Cutting Out Processed Foods

processed foods, healthy, clean eating

You’ve probably heard about this whole “eating clean” trend. Are you curious? Clean eating is all about eating food that’s not processed, which basically means eating food in its original form. If it comes in a box, bag, can or jar, it’s generally processed full of preservatives and questionable chemicals. The thing is, these foods aren’t exactly natural to your body which is why eating clean has become such a trend. People are less interested in eating foods packed with ingredients they can’t even pronounce and more fascinated with health and wellness. Two things that I can totally stand behind. Want to cut our processed foods for yourself? Read on to explore some ways you can start now!

processed foods, healthy, clean eating

4 Simple Steps to Cutting Out Processed Foods

#1. Start Slow- Going cold turkey and cutting out all processed food might be too much of a leap for you. It might feel frustrating to cut out so much so soon, which is why I suggest going at it slowly. Try cutting out processed foods from one or two meals. Maybe aim for some healthier snacks instead of your usual bars and cookies.

#2. Clean Out Your Pantry- If you want to cut out processed food, then, well— cut it out. If you’ve got processed foods in your pantry, then you’re most likely going to be more tempted to eat it. Do a little pantry sweep and get rid of all those boxes and foods that aren’t suiting your lifestyle anymore.

#3. Switch to Whole Grains- Bread and pasta are my two favorite foods. I love them and the good news is, I can keep on eating them. As long as you aim for whole grain breads and pastas, you’re still doing this whole ‘clean eating’ thing right. Just make sure you read the labels first. Some big brands advertise “whole grains!” on their packaging, but the truth is, they’ve got more ingredients than you would think.  Less is more when eating clean.

#4. Eat Whole Foods- Veggies, anyone? Supplement your diet with whole foods. As long as you know what you’re putting into your body, then you’ve got this whole ‘clean eating’ thing down, plus you’ve cut out some processed foods along the way! Easy, right?



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