Seeing Red? 7 Ways to Care for Your Rosacea


Many people suffer from mild to severe forms of rosacea (a condition that causes blood vessels in the face to enlarge, resulting in flushed cheeks and nose), and gentle skin care can help keep it under control. Managing rosacea starts with a consistent routine, keeping stress under control and using products that are not harsh on the skin. By avoiding products that burn or sting and skipping out on harsh cosmetics, you can keep rosacea under wraps. Take a look at these tips for how to care for rosacea and be on your way to clear, calm skin.


7 Ways to Care for Your Rosacea

  1. Steer clear of common rosacea irritants like alcohol, witch hazel, peppermint, eucalyptus and harsh exfoliants.
  2. Use fragrance-free products.
  3. See your dermatologist for a prescription topical antibiotic.
  4. Test new products on a small patch of skin, like your neck or décolletage before using it on your face.
  5. Lay low on alcoholic beverages and hot drinks, which can also cause flare ups.
  6. Rosacea flare ups can be caused by stress – practice relaxation and calming techniques like yoga and meditation.
  7. Try an over-the-counter acne product that contains sulfur (this will help keep rosacea pimples at bay).

Have you ever suffered from rosacea? How did you get it under control?



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