Quick Ways To Decompress

Life gets stressful. Sometimes there is simply no way around it. The hectic schedule of managing work and family, the demands of getting through the never ending to-do list and figuring out how to get all you want out of life – it piles up and gets hectic. From a super long and tough day at the office to dealing with your kiddos on a rainy day – figuring out ways to decompress is key to bringing the Zen back into your life. Keep reading for a look at some great ideas for how to decompress and still get it all done.

Put it all out there, but follow it up with a true break from the action. Have a huge presentation at work or throwing your child a gigantic birthday party – go for it! Be a rockstar at work and a super mom at home, but then give yourself time to lay down, relax and take some deep, quiet breaths. You deserve it!

Know your limits. It’s easy to say yes to everything and then feel suddenly in over your head – by knowing exactly what you can handle in any given week, you give yourself the opportunity to decompress and stay balanced.

Get out there and get some exercise! Sounds like the opposite of decompressing, right? Actually going for a brisk walk, a run or even an exercise class is a great way to focus on nothing but you! Giving yourself all the attention during that timeframe will put your mind to rest and let your body shake off the stress.

Try shutting it all off for just a few minutes each day. Lay quietly outside in the grass, on your bed or even on a yoga mat on the floor – just take ten minutes to be still and at peace with the quiet.

Go for a massage! Sounds like such an unbelievable luxury, right? Your body and your mind will thank you for this one – believe me. There’s nothing like getting all the knots worked out and spending a whole hour just being quiet and still. Let yourself take that time off from your phone and other distractions and give yourself the focus you need to truly relax.

Pick up a good book. There’s no better way to check out than to check into a fantasy land – and a good book is a great way to do that. Relax in a comfy spot and get reading – and no worries if you doze off, you’re decompressing after all!

Enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine! Go for it, you absolutely deserve it – and it’s a great way to just have some quiet time and relax, even if it’s just for a minute or two. Got a great yard or patio? Head outside to add a little fresh air to the mix.

How do you decompress at the end of a long day?



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