4 Products to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Products to Brighten Your Eyes

You know that phrase “Fake it ’til you make it”? Well, sometimes that applies to beauty tips and tricks, too. Travelling, working ’round the clock, and even managing a busy social calendar can make our skin appear a little less than vibrant. Particularly, when it comes to our eyes, a late night, lack of sleep, or an unusually stressful work week can conspire to age what often tends to be the focus of our face. Which means that, when all else fails and you need to look bright eyed and fresh faced -with no sign of nap time in sight!- turn to these 4 products and make them all think you got your full eight hours.

Products to Brighten Your Eyes

4 Products to Brighten Your Eyes

1. Lumière de Vie® Eye Balm First and foremost, prep the eye area with a balm or cream that will fill reduce the appearance of lines and reflect light to lessen dark  under eye circles. Eye cream or balm will also provide moisture to smooth out the delicate eye area.

2. Fixx™ Instant Line Vanish Follow up with this instant line vanish wand to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This will also tackle any puffiness and inflammation under the eyes while firming the surrounding delicate skin.

3. Highlighter Pencil Brighten the inner rim, inner corner, and upper brow bone with a highlighter pencil. This will make your eyes appear brighter, well rested, and more open. Use whiter tones for the inner rim and a light pink tone for the upper brow bone.

4. Motives® Mavens Element Eye Shadow Palette Top it all off with a natural makeup look to flatter your face and give your eyes a pop. The earth tones in this palette work well to sculpt and define the eye without too much of a harsh contrast. Use the lighter colors on the inner corner, middle lid, and upper brow bone to make your eyes appear luminous.



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