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DNA Miracles® Unveils New Products at MAWC 2017

MAWC 2017 DNA Miracles New Releases

DNA Miracles® has a new lineup to be proud of. Amber and Duane had big news for our attendees at the Market America World Conference in Miami over the weekend. This unstoppable pair have been listening to the needs of parents, just like them, who want to give their children the best, both inside and out. "We are not doctors, we're not scientists. We're parents," said Duane as he shared with the crowd. "That's the best motivation we have."

Isn't that the truth? As parents, we want to give our children the best. And that's what drives DNA Miracles® and its creators. I couldn't be more proud of my kids for taking this initiative to make better products, not just for their kids, but for all kids. Because when you become a parent, your heart expands and you care for all children - not just your own. And this new line of DNA Miracles® Natural products is an incredible step in the right direction towards better solutions for all children. Read on for the full list of new and upcoming DNA Miracles® Natural products.

MAWC 2017 DNA Miracles New Releases

DNA Miracles Natural Kids

DNA Miracles® Unveils New Products at MAWC 2017

Learn all about the new DNA Miracles® Natural line of products in this video and below:

DNA Miracles® Natural Kids Shampoo & Body WashKeep your little miracle squeaky clean from head to toe with DNA Miracles Natural Kids Shampoo & Body Wash! Our 2-in-1 cleanser is specially formulated to be extra gentle on delicate hair and skin, so you can safely soap up your little one daily.

DNA Miracles® Natural Kids Bubble BathMake bath time a blast with DNA Miracles Natural Kids Bubble Bath! Filled with nourishing ingredients, DNA Miracles Natural Kids Bubble Bath gently cleanses skin while the bubbles provide endless entertainment. Your kids will love the long-lasting bubbles and you’ll love knowing that our bubble bath is formulated with extra-gentle ingredients, which makes it mild enough for everyday use.

DNA Miracles® Natural Kids ConditionerGive your little miracle soft and silky strands with DNA Miracles Natural Kids Conditioner! Our extra-gentle conditioning formula works hard to remove tough tangles and knots so that you can spend less time brushing your child’s hair, and more time having fun with your little miracle. With a special lightweight formula, DNA Miracles Natural Kids Conditioner conditions hair without leaving buildup or residue.

DNA Miracles® Natural Kids DetanglerSimplify your little miracle’s hair care routine with DNA Miracles Natural Kids Detangler! Our leave-in detangling and conditioning spray makes brushing hair a breeze with our special tangle-free formula. This nourishing blend of ingredients helps stop tangles in their tracks and conditions your little ones’ locks for easy combing.

DNA Miracles® Natural Kids Lotion (coming soon!) - Keep your little miracle’s skin soft and smooth with DNA Miracles Natural Kids Lotion! With your little miracle’s active lifestyle, you want to make sure their skin stays protected and hydrated for optimal comfort. DNA Miracles Natural Kids Lotion is specially formulated to nourish and moisturize dry, delicate skin.