Motives® & The Garden of Eden Foundation

Motives Supports the Garden of Eden Foundation

One of the most beautiful things an individual can do is to help others when they are able to give of themselves. Eden Marley is a prominent example of this beautifully selfless act. In 2016, she founded The Garden of Eden Foundation with the mission of “empowering women and youth by cultivating self esteem and self-worth through the arts, education, and sustainable community development projects.”

The granddaughter to Bob Marley, Eden shares her grandfather’s passion for the community and philanthropy and has focused her efforts on continuing those efforts.

Motives Supports the Garden of Eden Foundation

Just last month, I am honored to share that Motives Cosmetics was able to join forces with The Garden of Eden Foundation in an event hosted by the non-profit to provide girls in the community with prom dresses. The event was held on May 18, 2017 at PS 175 Henry H Garnet.

Marley states, “Each girl was able to pick out a dress as well as a beauty kit, which included Motives Cosmetics pressed eyeshadows, shimmering highlighters, and shining lip glosses. We also provided hair products from a few other companies.”

The Bronx based 8th grade girls from MS 302 Luisa Dessie Cruz volunteered to help set up this special giveaway. They were the first young women to select their dresses.

Marley exclaims, “I was so happy to have Motives Cosmetics on my team for this project. Thank you so much for extending the kindness! It was much appreciated and I hope Motives Cosmetics and The Garden of Eden Foundation can work together again!”

As you can see, the young women enjoyed a variety of options for their fairytale moment. Prom gowns, Motives products, and goody bags from several wonderful sponsors were all on the agenda for the day.

Congratulations to Eden and the Foundation on a beautifully executed event with so much love at its core. You are embarking on a journey that will help change many lives. This is only the beginning. I am eager to watch as this mission unfolds. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey.

To learn more about this cause, click here.



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