Monday Motivation: How to Protect Your Energy

protect your energy

We tend to be emotional sponges. Being around positive energy will see us flourish. Being surrounded by negative energy will see us drained and exhausted, which is why it’s important to protect your energy.

Monday Motivation: How to Protect Your Energy

protect your energy

To be happy in life, we have to protect our energy from those that seem intent on trying to infiltrate and destroy it. These people are toxic and must be cut out of our lives entirely. Regardless of history and emotional ties.

The majority of us are hyper-attuned to other people’s moods, both good and bad. Have you ever felt a little down, but after spending some time with a positive friend, found your spirit uplifted? The opposite happens when we’re in the company of negative people.

Move away.

If the negative source is present at a social event, move away. If the person draining your energy is a loved one in your personal life, distance yourself.


Focus on exhaling negative stress and inhaling positivity and calm. Visualize exhaling as dark grey smoke, and inhaling white calming light.


Take time our every day to center yourself, connect to your spirit, feel your heart, grow stronger and be at peace with yourself. On the days you encounter energy vampires, take extra time out to meditate to repel their negative energy. Visualize a white, protective, shield of life all around you.

Be mindful.

Sometimes our friends and loved ones will experience highly distressing and stressful periods in life. As their loved one, we must be there for them, but also be mindful of when we need a break to restore our depleted energy levels. Meditate, then take a long relaxing bath to wash away the stressful energy you’ve absorbed.



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