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Makeup Fixes For When You’re In A Bind

I travel a lot so I know, firsthand, what a whirlwind packing can be. Whether you’re going on a work trip or a beach vacation, I know how crazy things can get. Sometimes you don’t even realize your bikini or eyelash curler is missing until your boarding your plane. For me, this often happens when I’m packing my makeup. There are so many products that I want to take with me that they sometimes get lost in the shuffle of getting my things together. This has become a blessing in disguise, because it has forced me to get creative with some of my other products. Brushes, bronzers, eyebrow kits— you name it, I’ve probably had to figure out an alternative, which is why I’m so excited to share them with you today. Here are my favorite makeup fixes for when you’re in a bind.


Use brown eye shadow instead of bronzer– So you forgot your bronzer and are in need of that summertime tan or that contour you just can’t live without? Well, if you have one of your favorite  eye shadow palettes on hand, you’re in luck. Just dip your bronzer brush into a shimmery brown shade of eye shadow for a bronzed look. For contour, go for the matte brown shade to create a more natural shadow.

No eyelash curler? No problem– Use a spoon. Yes, a spoon. I know it sounds strange, but pushing the underside of a spoon against your lashes creates a similar effect that an eyelash curler would. lightly push your lashes against the edge of the spoon. Try to be delicate. Your lashes are precious cargo.

Mascara as a liquid liner- If you have a trusty mascara wand with you, but accidently left your liquid liner in the taxi, all you need is a small angled brush. Load some black mascara onto your angled liner brush and carefully draw on that killer cat eye.

Your favorite lipstick bullet is nowhere to be found- Don’t panic! Lip liner can work just as well as lipstick and tends to stay on your lips longer. Just use the lip liner to fill in your whole lip rather than using it as an outliner.

In need of a cheekbone boost- Sometimes your cheeks are looking for some shimmer that highlighting with concealer and sculpting alone won’t give you. Here’s what you can do: dip your clean ring finger into a light shimmery cream eye shadow and pat it onto the tops of your cheekbones. I personally like using Motives Luxe Cream Eye Shadow in Gold Dust. It gives me that candle lit glow that I just can’t live without.




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