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Love Yourself: Why You're More Than Enough

Everyone experiences rejection at some point in their lifetime, whether that be via your high school crush or failing the interview for your dream job. Rebuff can eat away at your ability to love yourself, so it's vital to work on self-love strategies throughout your lifetime to counteract whatever the world throws at you. The amount of rejection you experience can vary based on your chosen career path. Models and actors, for example, will experience high levels of brushoff throughout their careers. The point is this; regardless of how much rejection you face, it's not always personal, and you always were and always will be enough.

1. There is only one you. The real friends and loved ones in your life chose you for a reason.

2. No matter how good looking a man or woman is, there will be a past partner who didn't appreciate it or treat them the way they deserved. How others treat you is more a reflection on them than it is on you.

3. Everyone struggles with insecurities. What makes people beautiful is when they choose to love themselves anyway. Many of today's supermodels have risen to the top by owning what would have been perceived as flaws decades ago. Our uniqueness is what makes us special. Identify your insecurities and work on developing strategies to silence your negative self-talk. If you're shy, take a course to boost your confidence. If you feel unhappy in your body, take steps to change it. There is always a solution.

4. Your past failures do not define you. Keep dreaming bigger and working towards achieving the life of your dreams.

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