Importance of Sunscreen During Winter Months

Seems like a no-brainer to load up on the sunscreen during the scorching days of summer. But what about a chilly winter day when the wind is whipping and the clouds are out? Turns out – using sunscreen all winter long is just as important as when you hit the beach. Unlike swimsuit season, when it’s cold outside you’re probably layered up, but for anything that’s exposed – like face, lips and hands – sunscreen is essential.  Here’s a look at the importance of sunscreen during winter months:

Believe it or not we are dealing with a thinner ozone layer these days and the cold winter months prove that. There’s less ozone to absorb and protect us from those harmful UV rays. So, even though it feels cold and it seems silly to load up on the sun protection, you’re actually doing your skin a big favor.

When the clouds are filling the sky and everything seems grey, don’t be fooled. The sun’s rays are still coming through – and are bouncing off the snow and ice, reflecting right back onto your skin. If you’re planning to hit the slopes this season, be especially careful about loading up your face and lips – parts of the body where cancerous skin cells can be more aggressive. Try a stronger sunscreen that also helps protect against windburn to help keep everything protected and feeling good.

Sun damage to your skin is cumulative over time. What does that mean? It means no slacking on the sunscreen, winter months or not! You have to work to protect your skin year-round, even when it feels like it’s too cold to get sunburned. Make sunscreen a part of your daily moisturizing routine – even if you’re only going outside to walk the dog. Every minute counts!

You can change up your sunscreen to adjust to the winter months. You may not need a waterproof and sweatproof version all winter long – you can definitely get away with something lighter, but still offers good sun protection. Opt for SPF 30 and above and remember to look for Broad Spectrum protection.

Snow, rain and strong winds can easily wear away sunscreen (a lot like when you’re at the beach), so don’t forget to reapply! Being sure you hit all your exposed areas (especially if you’re out in the snow) means face, neck, lips, ears and even the backs of your hands. Don’t be shy – apply liberally and wait about a half hour to let it all sink in before you head out into the snow.

Do you find yourself slacking on sunscreen during the winter months?



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