How To Wear Silver Eyeshadow

Holidays are all about glitter, shimmer, and silver!  I think silver eyeshadow is such a beautiful shade, it brings out the color of your eyes and gives you a little extra sparkle for all your holiday parties.  When it comes to silver shadow it’s all about the shade and your lipstick color.  Choosing the right shade of silver will all depend on the color of your skin; I recommend choosing a lighter shade if you are fair skin and a lilac silver metallic shade if you have darker skiing.

The best way to wearing metallic silver on your eyes is definitely on the inner 2/3’s of your lids like Jennifer Lopez.  Try to define your outer lids with a smokey but subtle black and blend it a third of the way also up to your crease.  To give it a more shimmery effect highlight the area under you brow with a shimmery color close to your complexion and the corner of your lids.  Finish with black eyeliner and mascara and a neutral lip.







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