How To Stay Perfectly Moisturized In Cooler Months

While we may not want to face this fact, it’s happening. Winter and cold weather will soon be on its way. With the warm days of the end of summer/early fall upon us, it’s tough to imagine another Polar Vortex or the endless days of winter, but it will be here before we know it. With the chilly months of winter also comes dry air and even drier skin. And, staying moisturized when the weather gets cold is a challenge every year. Face, hands and even feet seem to get it the worst, and for many it gets as bad as cracking and even flaky skin. For those already preparing for the cool months ahead, here’s a glimpse at how to stay ahead of the dry skin curve.

  1. Stay hydrated from the inside out! Water, water, water – always load up, even when the temps are cool and you want nothing more than hot tea. Staying hydrated will help the skin replace all that moisture it’s losing from the cold air.
  2. Be a bit faster in the shower. This is a tough one when the temps are low and you just want to warm up, but long, hot showers strip skin of moisture and the goal here is to lock it in. If you can take a cooler than normal shower, that will also help reduce the dry skin effect.
  3. Select a heavy duty moisturizer and slather it on every day. Sticking with a moisturizing plan is key to staying one step ahead of your dry skin. Try going with a thick cream for winter, rather than a light weight lotion – you want to lock in moisture as best you can.
  4. Skip the alcohol-based fragrances (like traditional perfume). We all love our signature scents, but the alcohol content is incredibly drying to the skin. Go for essential oils – like lavender and rose petal for both a moisturizing and sweet smelling effect.
  5. Load up on those heart-healthy and moisturizing omega-3’s! Base your nutrition plan around things like flax seeds, salmon, sardines and walnuts to help maintain soft, supple skin from the inside out.
  6. Add some natural oils to your skin care repertoire. Use coconut oil and avocado oil in more than your food – simply slather it right on your skin for a super moisturizing experience.

How do you help stave off dry skin during the cold winter months?



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