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How to Manifest a Brilliant Life in 5 Easy Steps

how to manifest

To attract what you want out of life, you must reflect on your deepest desires and become the most incredible version of yourself. Let me teach you how to manifest your dream life in a few easy steps. Keep reading for more.

How to Manifest a Brilliant Life in 5 Easy Steps

how to manifest

1. Practice and Believe in the Power of Visualization.

Think about your dreams and see them coming to life. Make yourself the star of your wildest dreams. And practice visualizing your goals as reality every single day to make a habit. That’s how to transform visualization into realization.

2. Declutter Your Life to Make Room for Magic.

Let go of anything negative and only allow positive, beautiful moments and people to fill your life.

3. Open up Your Heart and Your Life to the Possibility of Your Dreams Coming True.

Are you dreaming of your perfect man? Make sure one side of your closet is empty to physically allow him the space to enter your life when the time is right. Want to travel the world? Make sure your passport is up-to-date and have your suitcase packed, ready-to-go at a moment’s notice

4. Live in the Present and Feel Good Now.

Stop waiting for happiness. You deserve it now. Happiness does not have to correlate with your dreams coming true. You have to embody feeling good to manifest it. Don’t live another second without reflecting on and magnifying the joy in your daily life.

5. Acknowledge Your Obstacles, Then Crush Them.

Realize what is standing in the way of your happiness, then do something about it. We all face challenges, but when we acknowledge them and fight through them, our strength helps us live to tell the tale. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

What steps are you taking to live your dream life? Tweet me @lorenridinger or leave a little love in the comment section below.


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