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How to Make Your Own Massage Oil

How to Make Your Own Massage Oils | Loren's World

When it comes to giving and receiving massage at home, it can be both incredibly therapeutic and romantic. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening in for your love or you’re giving massage for therapeutic purposes, a good massage oil is essential. There are thousands of lovely massage oils on the market today, but mixing your own can be fun and give you the opportunity to create the exact elixir you’re after. From lavender to tea tree, trusting your nose is a crucial step in the process – you know what you like more than anyone else, right? Take it slow and don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations – here’s a look at how to make your own massage oil.

How to Make Your Own Massage Oils | Loren's World

How to Make Your Own Massage Oil

Your homemade massage oil will include two parts: the carrier oil and the essential oil. Carrier oils are used to dilute the potency of the essential oils, helping to moisturize the skin rather than applying essential oils directly to the skin. A few common carrier oils include: olive, almond, apricot, avocado, grape seed, vegetable, coconut etc. They are typically odorless or have a very faint, somewhat nutty scent.

Essential oils are extracted from the stems, leaves, flowers, root or bark of a plant and a few drops typically go a long way. They retain the true essence of the plant, often emitting a lovely yet strong, scent. The combination of a gentle carrier oil and a potent essential oil makes for the perfect massage.

Once you have selected both your carrier oil and the essential oils you’d like to include, you should pour some of the carrier oil into a glass bottle or canister – preferably dark glass. Simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil and gently shake the bottle to mix the oils. Not sure where to start or which essential oils are your favorites? Scroll down for some ideas.

How to Make Your Own Massage Oil | Loren's World

Here’s a roundup of massage oil recipes to get you started:

1. Basic Massage Oil

2. Blossom Groves Massage Oil

3. Rose Oil

4. “In the Mood” Massage Oil

5. Muscle Relaxing Massage Oil

6. Valentine’s Day Massage Oil

 How to Make Your Own Massage Oils | Loren's World

Have you tried making your own massage oil? Which scents are your favorite?