How to Get Better Sleep

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Are you getting enough sleep? While experts agree that the amount of sleep each person needs is based on individual characteristics, the quality of that rest is certainly still deemed essential.  Insomnia has become a common ailment considering the amount of hours we are all putting into our work days. And even if insomnia isn’t the problem, many individuals are suffering from poor quality of sleep simply because they aren’t aware of the many seemingly innocent culprits that are cutting into proper rest and relaxation. The choices you make throughout the day will affect the kind of rest you get at night. Read ahead for 8 tips to getting the sweet sleep you really need.

How to Get Better Sleep

How to Get Better Sleep

Turn off the TV and stash your electronics at least one hour before bedtime – Allowing blue light emitting objects to run while you’re in bed will make it even more difficult for your brain to relax and get to sleep.

Don’t do anything but rest and sleep on your bed – In other words, don’t also work in bed, take care of bills, watch TV, etc. You should only associate your bedroom with rest and relaxation. Bringing in your other tasks will change your state of mind and make it difficult to shut your mind off when you enter the bedroom.

Don’t take naps – Busy schedules mean the need for more rest. But including naps in your day can make it more difficult to get to sleep at night. If you absolutely must nap, keep it under 20 minutes and not so late in the day.

Limit your caffeine intake – Keep your coffee or other caffeinated products in the earlier part of your day, such as before lunch. Any caffeine consumed in the latter part of the day will still be in your system by bedtime, even if it’s a small amount. Consider any pain relievers and weight loss supplements, as well.

Exercise regularly and well before bedtime – Regularly exercising has been shown to improve quality of sleep, but only if it’s done 3 to 4 hours before going to bed since a post-workout burst of energy will likely last for a while.

Don’t eat too late – Limit your snacking to at least one hour before going to bed. If your digestive system is still active as you’re trying to sleep, chances are you won’t be resting as you should.

Turn your clock around – Or block it. The idea is to not keep looking at the time, creating anxiety about going to sleep and getting enough rest. If your clock has an LED or emits a blue light similar to that of a tablet or smart phone, it will make it harder to get to sleep.

Establish a bedtime ritual – Take a warm bath, read a book, meditate – whatever gets you to relax is fine. just be consistent and wind down to ensure you are in the right state of mind before going to sleep.



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