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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking

Water is just one of those things: you know it’s the best thing for your body, but sometimes it’s tough to get enough down each day to matter. Whether you’ve had a jam packed day at the office, are running around with the kiddos or even simply haven’t thought of it, drinking enough water often falls by the wayside. It’s at the end of that long day, when you have a dull headache and feel run down that you realize you are probably dehydrated.

There’s no doubt that the old adage of eight glasses a day rings pretty true – but is that really how much water is necessary in a day? While the 8×8 theory (eight 8-ounce glasses) works for many, some people who are more active or live in warmer climates may require more, while others can get by on a little less. No answer is really the right answer – but this much is true: you probably aren’t drinking enough. Water gives your body the fuel it needs to function properly, flushing out toxins, supporting organs, giving you beautiful skin and hair and even provides energy – so why not make sure your body is getting exactly what it needs to function at the highest level?

If you know you fall into the category of not drinking enough water on any given day, here are a few ways to sneak a little more into your diet.

  • Get fruity. Adding some sliced fruit to your water will infuse it with just the right touch of flavor to taking it from boring to delicious. Try strawberries, ginger, limes, lemons, cucumbers and even watermelon.
  • Start each morning with a cup of warm water and lemon – you can even add a little cayenne if you want to kickstart your metabolism and detoxify. The lemon juice is immune boosting and offers digestive and detoxification benefits, making your boring water into an all-over cleanse.
  • Eat foods that are loaded with water. Watermelon, celery, eggplant, oranges, zucchini and tomatoes – just to name a few – are made up of lots of water and can help keep you on track to staying hydrated.
  • Cut your caffeine intake in half and switch it out for water. Sounds like a tough one, right? Caffeinated beverages are actually diuretics – robbing your body of essential hydration. Skip the Diet Coke and head straight for the fruit-infused waters.
  • Never let your water bottle sit empty. Keeping a water bottle on your desk at work is a great way to remind yourself to drink, drink, drink – and filling it up every so often makes you get up out of that desk chair and move around.

Do you have a hard time making sure you drink enough water each day?





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