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Fitness Post: The Benefits of Protein Powder

Fitness Post: The Benefits of Protein Powder, protein shakes, protein powders, shakes, fitness, health &beauty

If you spend lots of time in the gym or training for an athletic event like a marathon or cycling race, you’re familiar with how important protein is in your diet. But, if you’re new to training and hitting the weights at the gym wasn’t previously part of your daily routine, getting some knowledge of protein is just as important as having proper form. You’ve probably heard lots of chatter or seen advertisements for protein powder and wondered exactly what to do with it or why you wouldn’t just eat something that was high in protein. Let’s take a look:

Fitness Post: The Benefits of Protein Powder

Fitness Post: The Benefits of Protein Powder, protein shakes, protein powders, shakes, fitness, health &beauty

According to Cosmopolitan, "Whey, casein and milk-based protein powders are essentially the best parts of milk, with carbohydrates and fats removed. This allows you to increase your protein intake without vastly increasing your intake of other macronutrients, which can help to boost athletic performance, improve muscle tone and increase overall health." If that alone isn’t enough to convince you that protein powder should become an important piece of your overall fitness regimen, here are some reasons why protein positively affects your body when taken at different times during the day(via Cosmopolitan):

  • Immediately after a workout: When training, the most important time to take protein is straight after your workout. Your muscles will then soak up the nutrition for muscle recovery and growth.
  • Before a workout: When you work out, it's good to have a protein shake 30 minutes before your first rep to create an 'anabolic window,' which lowers the damage to your muscles as you train. If you're taking a shake with carbs (like banana), it will give you extra energy and also reduce exposure to muscle damage.
  • First thing in the morning: Taking a protein shake first thing in the morning is a good way to get essential nutrients after eight hours of sleep. There are also some great ways you can use protein powder besides shakes, including in the recipes for protein pancakes, flapjacks or cookies."

So what does that mean for you? What type of protein powder is best for your diet? Here’s a quick overview of some of the different popular types of protein powder out there today (excerpt below via, read the full article for even more info):

Whey concentrate is one of the most basic forms of protein that is found in many protein tubs on the shelves of supplement stores. People who are looking for an inexpensive protein source will find tubs of strictly whey protein concentrate with a lower price tag.

Casein Protein: If you are looking for a protein that will slowly breakdown over the course of several hours that you can use as a meal, or better yet right before you go to bed then casein protein is the way to go.

Whey Isolates: These proteins are perfect for those with low carb diets. Many of the protein tubs on the market these days that are strictly whey isolates have very low if any carbs/sugars. Isolates are great pre and post workout as they are absorbed quickly and can supply the muscle the nutrients needed to help recover and grow.

Hydrolysate protein is the most expensive source of protein you will find on the markets these days and is the highest quality of protein available. They provide highly absorbable peptides that can have a great anabolic effect (highest absorption rate of the proteins available). 

Soy protein is a good source of protein for those looking for a vegetarian source of protein.

Milk protein isolates contain both casein and whey proteins. This source is full of amino acids (similar to soy protein).

Egg Albumin: Egg whites (whether separated from the yoke or found in a container) are an excellent source of egg albumin. The amino acid profile on these are great and has been used since back in the day to help build lean muscle mass.

Now that we’ve broken this down and given you a few resources for learning even a little more about protein powder, is it something you’ll start incorporating into your fitness routine? Have you thought about why type of protein powder might be best for your diet and lifestyle? Be sure to check out all the protein powders SHOP has to offer.