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Fitness for Mind And Body: How to Find Balance

balance, fitness, getting back into shape, fresh air, journal, meditation

If you’re anything like me, fitness and overall wellness is an absolute priority. When my fitness and wellness routine falls by the wayside, I feel out of it and not like myself. I get grumpy. I feel bloated. My mind feels cluttered and I can’t function at my normal capacity. I’m just off. When that happens everything feels out of alignment – both mind and body – and I have to figure out a way to reel it all back in. Sometimes it happens from going out too many nights in a row. We’ll have lots of events to attend or multiple people and things to celebrate in a single week. I don’t get the right amount of sleep, I don’t eat the best things for my body and that starts a downward cycle. Sometimes it’s from too much travel. Not enough time at home means my fitness schedule is off-balance or my sleep patterns aren’t the usual, regular routine. Whatever it is, it’s easy to get into a funk and getting out of that place can be tough too. Combined with a mix of getting my fitness routine back on track, drinking more water and eating right, when things start to feel off, I have a handful of ways to reset my mind to get back to that place of balance. Keep reading to see how I make sure I achieve fitness for both my mind and body.

Fitness for Mind And Body: How to Find Balance

fitness, getting back into shape, fresh air, journal, meditation

I meditate every day. I have found this is one of the best ways to bring balance back into my life, especially when things start to feel really cluttered or off. I know meditation can seem intimidating, but when you practice mindful breathing and take just a few moments to focus on you, it’s actually very easy. Sometimes I use meditation apps to help guide me through the practice – and often the meditations are just three to five minutes long. Not a huge time commitment, but just enough to take a minute, calm down and put everything into perspective.

I write in my journal. This is a huge one for me. When things start to feel off, reflection is one of the best ways to better understand how to fix the situation. So, each morning when I wake up, I commit to writing two-three pages of thoughts in my journal. Sometimes I write about my dreams, sometimes I reflect on what happened the day before and sometimes I even jot down what I did or what I ate so that I can remember exactly what was causing me to feel off balance. This one takes some dedication. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing, it feels like a daunting task or even a waste of time – but once I sit down and do it, I feel much more clear-headed and like I can tackle the day with my health and wellness in mind.

I make fresh air a priority. Sometimes we get so caught up with work, travel, events – you name it – that we forget to simply enjoy the world we live in and breath the beautiful air. So I get out there. I take a long walk, which also helps me work in some of those fitness goals that are so important. Sometimes I’ll go for a swim or even just go outside, sit down and do my meditation in the backyard. It can be as simple as bringing your coffee out to the deck for a few minutes before work – however you can incorporate some fresh air into your life, just do it. You’ll feel clear-headed and like you can tackle anything.

So, does this ever happen to you? Your routine and life seem to fall off-balance and you have to find ways to bring it all back in? How do you get back on track?