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Why Do We Feel so Happy near the Ocean?


The air we breathe is bursting with positive and negative ions, but it's the negative ions that give a superhero boost our serotonin levels, energy levels, and positive brain waves. The percentage of negative ions is highest around moving water, like the ocean.

Why Do We Feel so Happy Near the Ocean?


The increase in the volume of negative ions around the ocean is the reason why we feel so energized and happy near the beach, rivers, and waterfalls. If you live a predominantly city-based lifestyle, beach vacations are essential for your health and happiness.

Air conditioning, pollution, and central heating eradicate negative ions, which is why we're more prone to depression and depleted energy after long periods of time in these environments. For windowless offices or bedrooms without fresh air flowing, it's essential to buy an air purifier to emit negative ions into your habitat.