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What Every Pro Makeup Artist Needs in Their Kit

If you’re embarking on your makeup artistry journey or are seeking to stock up your makeup kit with essentials, then this round-up is for you.

Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes

If we’re talking about must-haves this one is a sure hit. Always include palettes with a good range of neutral shades since these are what you’ll reach for most.

Foundation, Concealers & more…

What is a makeup session without flawless-looking skin? Have a wide range of foundation, concealers, and even color-correcting products ready to go in your kit.

Setting Spray

Setting spray can give that final extra layer of protection once your gorgeous client is ready for their special event. If you’re looking for a setting spray to help control shine, this is my favorite. If you’re looking for one that can work with almost all skin types, try this one.

Blending Sponges

Have this makeup blending tool on deck. Having multiple makeup blending sponges at your disposal helps for an easy transition between clients and buys you time so you can clean them at a later time. Estimate 1 sponge per client and make sure they are deeply sanitized before and after use.


Prepping the face with a good moisturizer before primer is a step my artists never miss. It makes for such a smooth and hydrated facial canvas.

HD Powder

If they’ve booked an appointment with you, your client is most likely going to be photographed at an event. Having an HD Powder on hand for a finishing touch can help reduce the appearance of shine and blurs imperfections for a beautifully smooth, matte look.

Brush Cleaner

Sanitation and safety are of the utmost importance in the industry. Having a brush cleaner that both cleanses and sanitizes your makeup tools, like this one from Cinema Secrets, will give you and your clients peace of mind.

A Wide Range Of Lipsticks

You never know what lip mood your client will be in when they sit in your chair so it’s best to be prepared with a wide range of lip shades. While neutrals are most popular, keep the other shades in your back pocket just in case.

Contour, Blush & Highlight Products

Add dimension to your client’s beautiful canvas with blushes, contour, and highlight products. I’ve seen many artists carry full face palettes like the Get Cheeky Blush Palette, Shape Up Contour Palette or even the That Glow Tho Highlight Palette to not only have a range of what they need but also to save space.

A client will almost always want makeup recommendations from the products you used in their session so they can purchase them for their personal makeup bag. What if you were able to send them to your very own website to purchase your recommendations and earn a profit on the sale? That’s the beauty of the Motives Pro Artist Program. It was designed with beauty pros in mind so you can level up your business and provide amazing service to your clients. Interested? Find out more here.

A pro makeup kit is always filled with what an individual artist finds most important to them and their craft. While I compiled this overview list from taking a few notes from my most beloved artists, find what works best for your artistry and deem them your makeup kit must-haves.


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