Tips to Keeping Soft Hands

Having dry hands is common – something we can all relate to. These days we are doing awesome at washing our hands more often, but with that comes more dryness. I always try to keep my hands soft, but I have added a couple steps to my regimen.

keep soft hands

Here are a few of the ways that I keep my hands moisturized year-round:

  1. First and foremost – Use a gentle, natural soap so it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oils
  2. Apply a quality moisturizer several times a day. Creams will help restore your hands natural moisture 
  3. As you use your hands for washing dishes or cleaning the house– wear gloves! 
  4. Combine steps 2 & 3 – lather up with a thick lotion – I use Lumiere de Vie’s Intensive Hand Crème and cover with soft gloves or even socks and leave it on as you sleep 
  5. I LOVE our Lumiere de Vie Renewal Elixir for its intended use on our faces, but I also add a dab to my cuticles to keep them healthy
  6. I use a gentle exfoliant about twice a week to scrub away dead skin cells
  7. Reduce your stress levels! If you have eczema, stress can be a trigger
  8. Last but not least, keep up the habit of moisturizing daily! Ta-da: soft hands!

What are your tips and tricks to keeping your hands soft?



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