The Solution to Dry Hair: Fixx™ Products

In 2011, we launched the Fixx line for instant therapy for your hair and skin. Since then you all have fallen in love with industry quality products to improve your hair health. Now that we are officially in summer time I wanted to highlight my favorite Fixx™ products to keep your hair healthy and hydrated throughout this season. The secret in today’s product feature is Aragon Oil. Argan Oil continues to take centerstage in the beauty industry, and for good reason! Argan Oil is made of nutrients and natural ingredients that give your hair a rich, smooth shine to outlast the most brutal spring humidity. I also love that I can share this product with my man, JR since the Fixx™ line was designed for every hair type! I personally think it’s just as important to invest in your hair as you would invest in products for your skin or body. It all starts with quality products, consistency and a professional you can fully trust! I will share a few pictures of my styled hair from past events by my amazing stylist, Mylo to get you inspired to nourish your gorgeous locks.

Fixx™ Argan Oil Shampoo, $22.95

Fixx™ Argan Oil Conditioner, $22.95

Fixx™ Argan Oil No Frizz, $19.50

Fixx™ Argan Oil Intensive Hair Mask, $24.95


“Yesterday, my Argan Oil Shampoo and Argan Oil Conditioner arrived, and I couldn’t wait to jump into the shower and use both. For the first time in years, the high humidity of southwest Florida didn’t affect my hair. I have lived in Florida for 25 years, and this is the first time that my hair hasn’t grown bigger and bigger as the humidity rises. My hair looks healthier, shinier and smoother after just one use. Thanks to Market America, even more products are now added to the lengthy list of items I can’t/won’t live without.” – Paula

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