Skincare Tools To Elevate Your Routine

At-home-skincare has become a necessity this year to make sure we are taking care of our skin. Your skincare routine is your me-time and how you show yourself some love. Now that you have developed a routine and are thinking of ways to elevate your skincare, I wanted to show you guys my favorite skincare tools!

Crystal Rollers

Using a crystal roller is the most calming way to help your skin absorb all your skincare products. Rose quartz holds the properties of self-love and attracts love into your life. Tiger’s Eye holds the properties of luck and focus. They also help reduce the appearance of puffiness and signs of aging, which is always a plus. This dual sided tool can be used throughout all areas of the face and neck to maximize your daily skincare regimen.

You can use this daily, day and night, it glides across the face smoothly, and is travel size friendly! A great tool to use on a long flight with Lumiere De Vie’s Moisture Intense Masque.

Ice Rollers

Soothe your skin with overall cooling to help reduce the appearance of redness, puffiness, and other sensitivities. These rollers are perfect to finish off your skincare routine. The cool feeling is a great pick-me-up in the morning, or after a long day. Store them in your freezer so that they are always ready for use. 

These are best used daily, in the morning and at night, they glide smoothly across your skin, can also be used for muscle tension, and it helps you look radiant!

Konjac Facial Sponges

These sponges are made from the root of the Konjac plant. They are great to gently remove makeup, dirt and oil while gently exfoliating your skin. It helps achieve a more balanced, rejuvenated complexion. I use it with Lumiere De Vie’s Cleanser with lukewarm water. 

There are three sponges in one package: one bamboo charcoal and two natural. You can use daily, or weekly, to refine pores for smoother-looking skin, prepare your skin for optimal absorption and to gently exfoliate.



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