Recreate Amber Ridinger’s Bridal Glam

February is National Wedding Month and what better way to celebrate than to reminisce my beautiful Amber’s spectacular wedding. I’m tapping into some of the makeup products you can use to get her look or to recreate her look on others if you are a pro makeup artist yourself.

The Glam

I’ll never forget how beautiful my baby girl looked on her very special day. Choosing your perfect glam for your wedding may seem impossible but my advice is to really connect with your makeup artist so you can work together to achieve the look you desire. Amber’s MUA, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Claudia Betancur, is sensational and I’m still obsessed with this look altogether.

The Eyes

Amber went with a neutral cut-crease eyeshadow look that wowed from close and afar. The smokey deep shadow shade in the crease area was blended to perfection and the pop of shimmer on the lid truly made the look.

Recreate the look for your bridal clients or for yourself with the Motives Horizon Palette. Focus on using shades “Secrets” and “Untold” in the crease and “Shallow” on the lid. A cut-crease calls for the Motives Eye Base to really carve out that lid shape in order to create a canvas for the shimmer shade. It’s a makeup essential for your makeup bag/kit. You’ll also love the Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray to make the shimmer shade “Shallow” really pop.

Lashes make the eye look complete. I recommend bringing your own Lina Zuniga Lashes to your makeup artist or encouraging them to add them to their kit. Artists, these are stunning lashes that your clients will just absolutely love!

Lined to perfection, Amber went with a eyeliner thick enough to compliment her beautiful eyes but close enough to the waterline that it did not take away from the eye look overall. I recommend a really precise liquid liner for this like the Motives Precisely the Point Eye Line in Pitch Black.

The Face

Start with skincare. It’s important that you speak with your makeup artist (or with your client) about skin needs. Amber is all about taking care of her skin especially having rosacea. Sticking to your typical skincare routine (nothing new) the weeks before and day of is crucial. Establish your skincare routine way ahead of time with Amber’s skincare brand, Lumière de Vie.

Amber had the most beautiful and seamless dimension to her face. The best products to help achieve a similar look are hands down the Motives Flawless Face Bundles for cream contour/highlight and once you’ve set with a great translucent powder, you can go in with the Shape Up Contour Palette.

The Lips

A neutral lip is a wedding day classic. Whether you love a Liquid Lipstick or a Cream Lipstick, you can choose your perfect shade and even purchase it for touch ups. If you’re an artist who is a also a Beauty Advisor, this is a great way to help your client kip her lip color fresh. You can offer these amazing Lip Bundles as a touch up lip kit as well. Motives also has the I Do Palette that can make for a sweet gift to your bride or even a great idea for the brides to gift it to their bridal party.

Keeping it Fresh

The Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray or No More Shine Setting Spray are the holy grail when it comes to locking your look in place.

Know a bridal makeup artist or a bride-to-be? Send them this article so they can get some ideas whether for their makeup kit or for makeup inspo. Cheers to love!



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