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What’s New In Motives #MAWC2021

Get to know all the new and exciting Motives products and features that were just announced at Market America’s World Conference!

Introducing my NEW Super Power Mattes Palette! 

It’s time to level up your makeup game with your most essential superpower, the Super Power Mattes Eyeshadow Palette. I am so excited to finally share with you all my new palette! This palette packs a punch of powerful mattes to supercharge your look. What’s your superpower? Can you run in heels, climb Mount Everest, run your own company, keep a house full of loved ones from pure chaos on the daily? No matter what superpower you have, it’s uniquely yours and this palette is here to help enhance it. Soaring with 10, silky smooth eye shadows, this palette will be your makeup arsenal’s newest love. This palette is filled with tons of neutral shades for looks that can withstand any combat, day or night, while its star shade, Feisty, adds the ultimate pop of color to give any look extra grit. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready for a fierce new look? Preorder the new Super Power Mattes palette now!

The Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette includes the following matte-nificent shades (from top left):

  • Grit: a rich caramel
  • Takeover: a pinky porcelain
  • Fly: a neutral cream
  • Bold: a deep onyx
  • Spirit: a bourbon red/brown
  • Soar: a smokey light gray
  • Level Up: a neutral honey
  • Fierce: a deep purple/brown
  • Brave: a purply mauve
  • Feisty: a lush berry

See yourself in Motives virtually with the new Motives TRY ME feature!

Now live on is the new virtual try on feature we call “TRY ME”. This is a new and exciting makeup try on experience is game changing!   Choose a sample photo, a photo from your camera roll or try it on live at the click of the “Try Me” button.  You can even try on the new Super Power Mattes Palette now!

Coming Soon: The Motives Arch Definer Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil

Your brows don’t have to be your arch enemies; make them your BFFs with the Motives® Arch Definer Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil. Featuring a retractable, super-fine tip for filling and lining with precise hair-like strokes this pencil helps you achieve full, natural-looking brows. This smooth, creamy formula is water- and smudge-resistant, so your brows stay on fleek from day to night. Stay tuned for when these officially launch!

Coming Soon: New Motives Blending Sponge

Makeup multitasking has met its match with the Motives Blending Sponge. The unique, three-sided design features a flat base, beveled edge and curved edge to effortlessly blend and layer color into every contour of your face with precision. Made from a super soft and bouncy material, this versatile sponge helps minimize makeup waste and can be used wet or dry in any makeup formulation to achieve the perfect level of coverage. Whether you’re concealing, contouring, baking, blushing, bronzing or highlighting, this sponge will have you covered! Be the first to know when it launches here.

What a truly exciting season! We hope you absolutely love everything new in Motives. Preorder the new Super Power Mattes Palette and be the first to get your hands on it! You’re going to want to have it on hand for a very special edition of my VIP Beauty Lounge. Details to come.


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