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8 Ways to Heal Emotionally

heal emotionally

Alarmingly, a Harvard study revealed that 26% of Americans consider themselves to be living with high levels of stress. There will always be ups and downs throughout our lives. The down times can be incredibly draining, but we have no control over certain situations in life, so we need to learn to ride out the storms and wait for the universe to work its magic. It’s essential to listen to our bodies and take time out to heal emotionally when our soul needs a little TLC.

8 Ways to Heal Emotionally

heal emotionally

#1 Communicate your feelings.

Talking about your feelings doesn’t make you weak. On the contrary, communicating how you feel is an essential survival skill. When we talk about what’s bothering us, it allows us to dump that excess emotional weight and strengthens the relationship with our confidant, and the relationship with ourselves. On days where JR or I don’t feel happy, we take some time to address why we’re feeling this way and re-connect.

#2 Manifest good vibes only.

Sometimes we create our own stress and drama. It’s vital to be ultra diligent about the words we use towards ourselves. Putting ourselves down or being negative in general attracts more negativity. Start your day with a morning ritual that sets you up for success. Repeat a positive word affirmation to yourself and meditate. The art of meditation helps you connect with your soul, allowing you to summon your inner strength and let go of those heavy, negative emotions.

#3 Immerse yourself in nature.

Mother Nature has magical healing powers and has truly blessed us with the picturesque places on this planet. Spending time with nature and fresh air is rejuvenating. Why not start your day by stealing a few minutes to yourself in your garden enjoying your morning coffee, or even a quick walk on the beach?

#4 Treat yourself.

The most significant relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself because you will always be there throughout your entire journey. Enjoy spending time alone doing the things that make you happy, become your own best friend and treat yourself once in a while. Life is for living.

#5 Travel.

Few things in life nourish our personal growth and heal our soul as travel does. Getting lost in other destinations submerged in culture will give your heart a much-needed boost.

#6 Exercise is life.

Working out regularly helps purge the body of stress while releasing those all-important feel-good endorphins.

#7 Start over.

If a toxic relationship with a friend, partner or work is the cause of your stress, let it go. We have to take responsibility for putting our health and happiness first.

#8 Everything is temporary.

Remind yourself that you’ve made it through hard times before. Both negative and positive feelings are temporary. Go with the flow and focus on capturing and retaining the feel-good moments in life.


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