8 Emergency Beauty Fixes

8 Emergency Beauty Fixes | Loren's World

Beauty blunders can sometimes be worse than wardrobe malfunctions. Few things are as frustrating as suddenly finding yourself with half the amount of eyebrows you had 30 minutes ago. I know it can be tempting to panic when these situations occur, but it’s not impossible to turn it all around. Check out my list of eight totally fixable beauty emergencies. While it’s not ideal to be caught without your favorite lipstick or to have to cover up a large pimple on your way out to a glamorous event, these are not situations without remedy.  All it takes is a little creativity and lots of patience.

8 Emergency Beauty Fixes | Loren's World

8 Emergency Beauty Fixes

  1. Smudged Mascara: If your mascara smudges onto your eyelid, wait for it to dry. Then, take a q-tip and lightly rub it off. The mascara will disappear and your makeup will stay intact. No need to wipe and reapply!
  2. Chipped or Broken Nail: Try buffing down the nail with a file, if you have one handy. If you don’t have a nail file, try using the back of a matchbook to gently buff the affected area. If it’s an acrylic or longer nail, try using glue (Krazy Glue should hold nicely) to keep it in place until you can make it to the salon.
  3. Overly-plucked Eyebrows: Unfortunately, this happens all too often. While you can’t grow the hair back as quickly as you’d like, you can immediately give the appearance of fuller brows by penciling and shading in with a powder in a similar tone. Try this brow kit by Motives to fill it all in and keep it handy for touch-ups.
  4. No Lipstick: If you’ve run out of lipstick, try mixing powder blush with lip balm for a delicate hue. Apply the powder to lips with your fingertips. Then follow as needed with clear lip gloss or balm.
  5. No Blush: If you’ve run out of blush, try using a lipstick or tinted lip balm for cheek color. Dab on lightly with fingers just as you would a cream blush. To make the color run smoothly, add a dab of moisturizer. Be sure to blend well. Blot with face powder if the color is too strong.
  6. Blemishes & Breakouts: Whatever you do, don’t try to pop it! Instead, try reducing the swelling with an ice pack over the area. Follow with a bit of benzoyl peroxide cream or gel. Top it with light layers of concealer applied with a brush or clean finger.
  7. Chapped Lips: For dry, flakey lips, use a dry toothbrush with medicated lip balm to exfoliate dead skin and make lips smoother.
  8. Frizzy Hair: If humidity is getting the best of your tresses, squeeze a little moisturizer in your hands, rub together, then lightly smooth it through your hair. Be careful not to add too much, making it greasy, for the complete opposite effect.

How do you handle a beauty emergency? Tell me about your secret weapons in the comments!



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