7 Secrets to Super Shiny Hair

It can take a lot to try and copy a celebrity’s super shiny hair but it’s certainly not impossible! If you want to splurge on a great blowout (blow dry bars are popping up just about everywhere so why not treat yourself), then rest assured you’re guaranteed a healthy head of hair. But for us DIY ladies, at-home methods come first and now I’m sharing 7 secrets to super shiny hair that don’t require stepping into a salon.

7 Secrets to Super Shiny Hair

  1. Use an organic, shine-enhancing shampoo with a vitamin and mineral packed ingredient list that keeps hair looking healthy.
  2. DIY alert! Try rinse with apple cider vinegar at the end of your shower for both super clean and super shiny locks.
  3. I love using a leave in treatment that helps turn tangled, damaged hair into a sleek, silky mane without looking sticky or greasy.
  4. Or instead of leave in conditioner, wash with shampoo and conditioner as normal in the shower. Then apply argan oil to damp hair and blow dry or air dry, depending on your preference. You’ll immediately notice less frizz, less split ends and more shine!
  5. Use the best brush! A lot of women don’t think this matters but trust me, the Mason Pearson has become such a cult favorite because using a boar + nylon brush does double duty for both volume and shiny hair.
  6. Make sure to include plenty of omega-3s and lean proteins in your diet, which can increase shine over 6 months.
  7. Sleep on satin pillowcases! Not only this better for your hair but great for wrinkle-prevention, too.

Do you have any shiny hair tips you want to add to the list? Leave them in the comments so we can try them! xo

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