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6 Ways to Wake up Happier Every Day

wake up happier

Being happy is a choice you have to make every single day if you are not one of those rare people who seem to radiate joy 24/7. Here are my best tricks to wake up happier every single morning.

6 Ways to Wake up Happier Every Day

wake up happier

1. Stretch when you first wake up.

Get out of bed and immediately spend five minutes loosening up your body and taking deep breaths to center yourself for the day ahead.

2. Watch or listen to something motivational.

The news can be pretty depressing, so skip that first thing in the morning. You want to set a positive and happy tone for the rest of your day. Listen to a motivational podcast or put on your best playlist and rock out while you get ready.

3. Prepare the Night Before for the Day Ahead.

Lay out your clothes and accessories, get as much together as you can for a nourishing and nutritious breakfast, make sure your work bag is ready and go to sleep knowing you can wake up stress-free.

4. Refuse to Snooze.

This one is hard but force yourself to get up when your alarm goes off. Snoozing feels good at the time, but doesn’t give you any extra sleep, and can stress you out if you overdo it and run out of time. Say no to the snooze button and get your day started.

5. Eat a Delicious Breakfast.

Because who doesn’t get excited about food! Make a green smoothie, protein pancakes, or overnight oats and spend time savoring the flavors of your meal and letting your body get energized by the nutrients.

6. Add a Vase of Fresh Flowers to Your Nightstand.

Flowers are proven to make people happier, so seeing a beautiful assortment of buds first thing in the morning will kickstart your happy mode.

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