5 Ways to Tell You’re Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation

How to Apply Foundation Like a Pro

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen absolutely beautiful women wearing such a horribly mismatched shade of foundation, it almost looks like their head belongs to a person with a completely different shade of skin from their body. Wearing the wrong color foundation is really a major beauty blunder because it’s just so easy to see the mistake. You may not be catching it in the mirror because of the lighting conditions under which you applied it, but as soon as you step out, you can bet that someone else will notice. If you’re not sure you’re wearing the right shade of foundation, or want to double check that you are, read this list and go get in front of a big mirror with plenty of daylight flooding through a nearby window.

5 Ways to Tell You're Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation | Loren's World

5 Ways to Tell You’re Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation

  1. Your face looks tanned but the rest of your body doesn’t – Even if you’re very fair skinned and want to look a few shades darker, wearing a different shade of foundation than your natural skin tone is not the way to do it. Instead, leave that job to bronzers. Match your foundation to your actual skin and contour with the right products.
  2. There’s a definitive divide at your jawline – There should be nothing but smooth skin where your face makeup ends and your jaw/neck begin. You shouldn’t have two varying shades. If you do, there’s a problem with your shade (and potentially, your blending).
  3. You tested the color on your arm – If you tried on the color in the store, under fluorescent lighting, by testing on your own, you’re already 3 strikes in. Instead, ask for a sample, take it home, and test it on your jawline. If the color disappears, you know you’ve found the right shade.
  4. Your skin looks like it has an extra layer on it – If you’ve chose a color that’s too light, it may make your face look like there’s an extra layer of skin on top of it. Don’t try to go too light to brighten your complexion. Instead, use highlighters that are meant to accentuate the face only in certain areas.
  5. Your face is a completely different color than your neck – If you’re not matching your foundation to your skin, you’re only going to end up with two different shades, making it look like you’re wearing a mask. Makeup should look natural when it comes to your skin. Choose a shade that disappears and makes it look like you’re wearing nothing at all, but have perfectly smooth, healthy skin.

What are some tips you use to make sure you’re choosing the right shade of foundation?



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