5 Tips for Handling Gray Hair with Style


It could be next week or years from now… your first gray hair. What do you do when you see it? Should you pluck or simply let it go? And more importantly, how to handle gray hair when they start to come in more frequently? Should you highlight your gray locks, dye your whole mane or just let it all go gray?

Believe it or not, more women are choosing to get rebellious (or they have given up on the tedious coloring process) and are just going for it – completely gray. With so many hairstyles for gray hair, it’s tough to choose. From salt and pepper to silver and even white, check out these tips for how to handle gray hair.


5 Tips for Handling Gray Hair with Style

  1. If you are going from colored to gray, remember it can be a long transition. Work with your hair colorist to be sure it looks good throughout.
  2. Get a great haircut. Think of your hair as an investment – and it deserves the love and care of an excellent stylist.
  3. Condition to keep hair soft and silky.
  4. If you’re going completely gray, use the right type of shampoo to keep out brassiness.
  5. Remember – there is no need to match your brows to your hair. Keep brows a little darker to frame your face.

Gray hair can be so stunning and gorgeous. With all the show stopping hairstyles for gray hair out there, going au natural may be just the thing many women need. What do you think – could you go all gray?



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