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4 Ways to Feel Simply Happy

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Feeling happy seems harder and harder these days. It seems as though many of us are trying to accumulate new things rather than gain new experiences. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes products come into your world and end up changing your life. But, when you start to think that a new car or house will bring you the joy you’ve been searching for, that’s when things get skewed. It’s okay to want things, just understand that they won’t bring you the happiness you’ve been searching for. Instead, it’s time to go back to basics. It’s time to find out what makes you feel simply happy. Read on to learn more.

happy, happiness, simply happy, feeling happy, simplify

Choose to be happy- Remember that Tony Robbins video I shared with you? His advice is to choose happiness. Your thinking patterns are just a habit, so thinking that an object will bring your happiness is a part of a habit that you’ve taken on. Instead, make happiness a habit.

Focus on people rather than things- Focus on the people around you. Set up some friends or introduce yourself to the little old lady who lives next door. Be kind to someone today or volunteer your time. When you’re around people who make you happy, you almost forget that need to own things. Focusing on others rather than yourself is a truly simple way to feel happier.

Get in-tune with your goals- Get in-tune with all your goals whether they're long term or short term. Consider really trying to get those short term goals over with so you can gain confidence. Work towards something so your brain isn’t focused on the things that make you unhappy. The simple act of doing, changes your brain chemistry to focus on the things you want in your life.

Smile- One very simple hack to help you feel happier is to smile. Showing your natural grin sends a signal to your brain that internally make you to feel happier. Try it and see how you feel!