4 Fail-Safe Ways to Fix a Tired Soul

tired soul

Regardless of how much sleep you get, a tired soul leaves you depleted of energy and waking up with an often overwhelming feeling of emptiness. Your spirit becomes weakened with a tired soul, and you may feel your interior flame of energy and perseverance flickering out.

4 Fail-Safe Ways to Fix a Tired Soul

Hold your hands infront of you in prayer position. Rub your hands together as quickly as you can for twenty seconds to generate an electric charge. Slowly separate your hands. If that warm buzzy feeling doesn’t appear or stops before your hands are shoulder-width apart, this is a potent sign your soul is tired.

The most common causes of feeling out of alignment with your life and a tired soul include not being true to yourself, engaging in toxic relationships, negative self-talk, failure to love yourself and surrounding yourself with disarray. You have to identify the cause of a tired soul so that you can fix it.

#1. Meditate.

Meditation is a great way to clear energy blockages, reflect, and find inner peace.

#2. Bathe in self-love.

Do whatever it takes to love yourself. If you don’t feel happy in your own skin, you’ll never be free of the heavy, negative energy a lack of self-love creates.

#3. Be mindful of your words.

Your words hold power. Practice positive daily affirmations until you believe your words.

#4. Detach.

Detach from any toxic relationships that are draining your energy supplies.



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