Female Founders: How to Handle Rejection

female founders

Starting a business will be the most challenging, exciting, emotional yet rewarding journey you've ever encountered. We've all heard the stories about A-List models and actors that were told 'no' multiple times before their big break. The same happens in the business world. As one of many groundbreaking female founders, you need to be ready to face rejection and activate a resilient mindset that continues to make you jump out of bed every morning and keep going after your dreams.

Female Founders: How to Handle Rejection
1. Listen to the reasons behind the 'no.'

Be methodical and listen to what else someone says when they tell you'no.' The ifnormation they give will serve as valuable data to make your next pitch more convincing, and so on. Upgrading your pitching process based on real constructive criticism will play a key role in your success.

2. Learn when to let it go.

To become a great businesswoman, you need to know to understand the difference between a definite 'no' and a 'not right now no' to avoid burning bridges and being viewed as too aggressive and pushing potential future clients away for good.

3. Network with like-minded women.

Surround yourself with like-minded female founders and go-getters who you can brainstorm with and who inspire you to keep pushing harder. Much like friends, the professional network you spend the most time with can profoundly influence your life.

4. Never stop learning.

Learning the art of negotiation and sales is essential for success. Read entrepreneurial books. Listen to podcasts while driving to meetings. Soak up all of the information you possibly can to grow. Knowledge is power.

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