Adopt These 5 Daily Mantras To Upgrade Your Entrepreneurial Game

entrepreneurial game

Mantras are a powerful way to set your intentions for the day ahead and speak your goals into existence. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ones to help upgrade your entrepreneurial game. Keep reading for more.

Adopt These 5 Daily Mantras To Upgrade Your Entrepreneurial Game

entrepreneurial game

1. Results Rule.

Instead of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram all day, repeat this mantra to yourself in the morning (and throughout the day if you start to get distracted) to keep yourself focused on your business-building tasks. There are many ways to get sidetracked, so starting the day off with the intention of focusing on results is a powerful way to command the universe and yourself to deliver.

2. Today I Am Thankful for…

Gratitude is a positive emotion, so start your day off by thinking of what you are grateful for. I’m a fan of keeping a gratitude journal, where I keep lists of things like memories, people, and accomplishments that make me happy, to remind me of why I work as hard as I do.

3. The One Thing I Need to Accomplish Today Is…

If you get nothing else accomplished, what is the single biggest business-building thing you need to accomplish? Think about that every morning and set the intention to when you wake up to make it happen as effortlessly and successfully as possible.

4. I Have What It Takes to Get Through Today.

Not every day is going to be good or easy, but you can and will get through it. Take deep breaths when you start to feel frustrated and remember that everything you need to conquer the day is right inside of you. Don’t let the negativity seep in, and remind yourself that you have strength, heart, and perseverance.

5. What Am I Going to Learn Today?

As an entrepreneur, you are a student of business and life, both of which are always changing. Ask yourself each morning what you are going to learn today, and open your heart to the possibilities of something new each day.

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