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3 Ways to Slay Your iPhone Photography

iPhone cameras seem to get more remarkable with every new model release. Whether you have an older or newer model, implement these three tricks to improve your iPhone photography game.

1. Focus on a subject.

Every inspiring photo has at least one focus subject, which can be you, a group of friends, or an object.

2. Play around with angles.

Once you’re clear on your subject, play around with your phone to find the best angle. Move your phone around to play with angles from beneath, from crouching tiger stance, standing on a chair, and oblique angles. Food dishes, for example, usually photograph best from above, whereas pretty drinks often photograph better sideways tiled from beneath.

3. Check your background.

Whether you’re taking a selfie, a portrait of your BFF for their Instagram feed, or photographing products, you should always check your background. Nothing ruins a photo quite like unorganized chaos in the background that takes away from however stunning the subject looks.

4. Experiment with lighting.

Most photos come out best in natural daylight. If you need to take pictures at night, ensure you have as much lighting as possible. Detachable iPhone lights are a great way to help capture better images at night.

How do you slay your iPhone photography? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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