Start Ups Make Their Pitch During SXSW Accelerator


SXSW Accelerator – an event within-the-event created to give very early stage startups and tech companies the opportunity to show off. During a whopping two-minute chance to pitch their product to a panel of judges, early startups can make a splash and win some pretty cool prizes while they’re at it. Take a look below for a peek at some of the coolest entries and for a look at the full list of finalists, click here.

Start Ups Make Their Pitch During SXSW Accelerator

  •  Samba > this is a sweet new app that allows you to capture the reaction of your friends and family after you send them a video from your mobile device. What a cool way to see the emotions that come from your videos!
  •  Waygo > Another really cool app to hit the scene, this makes traveling a breeze!  Just point and translate to Chinese and Japanese.
  •  Artiphon > this is a new instrument that can be played in a variety of ways – a drum, violin, guitar or even  like  a brand new instrument. It combines cool craftsmanship with high-tech capabilities when you plug your iPhone into it.

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