What Is a Micro-Influencer Anyway?


The new kid on the block this year in the influencer marketing realm is the micro-influencer. They’re your everyday girl or boy next door, who has accumulated an engaged following on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter whose online presence tends to revolve around a particular passion or niche.

How many followers do they have?

Micro-influencers have between 10,000 to 99,000 followers.

Why do brands love them?

The average micro-influencer tends to be genuine, relatable, and trustworthy, which are three critical ingredients to any successful marketing recipe. The right MI can promote a new product or service like a mammoth word-of-mouth marketing campaign, which is the ultimate marketing goal.

Tech-savvy consumers are far more likely to trust the products and services promoted by influencers who have built smaller followings based on shared values. The influencers with significant follower numbers of 500,000 plus are seen as commercial cash exchanges, so trust in the brands they promote is generally lower.



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