How to Start Your TikTok and Become Popular

TikTok is a super popular entertainment platform, and with all the bang that it has caused, many of us wish to be TikTok stars. The fame and success it brings are attractive as well as lucrative. Suppose you’re one of those who wants to now become a contributor and a creator and not just a spectator. In that case, there is hope, and there is a complete possibility that you too could be a TikTok and earn similar fame and recognition on social media.

Use the platform to outshine

TikTok has moved ahead from simply being an entertainment app. The increased user base is excellent for the desired traction. Suppose you own and are managing small business growth. In that case, you can use the app to further extend your market base and reach out to prospective customers from TikTok. Consistency, originality, and relevance are some things you have to take care of if you wish to become famous on TikTok. 

Start small 

According to a pro essay writer site, start with downloading the app and setting up a profile. Keep your profile straightforward and plan on the posts you want to make. If you are pretty serious about your popularity on the platform, start making a schedule and plan accordingly. This will help you remain consistent and relevant. 

You can continue to post, plan and post until you start noticing a jump in your followers. Check other influencers who you like and observe their posting patterns, quality and take inspiration to follow suit. As you move ahead, try to read posts and watch videos on ways to increase viewership and build your brand on TikTok. 

Find your niche

college paper help site mentions that to be famous on TikTok, you must select a niche for yourself as it helps with creating a distinction. Think about the people you want to follow on your page, and post accordingly. You cannot be popular with everyone who uses TikTok. 

Instead, you can be famous and loved by a target audience that is bound to enjoy your videos. As you start, you can experiment with different genres and then stick to the one that best suits your personality and motive behind the demanded fame on TikTok.

Hop on the trends 

As mentioned on an essay writing service, TikTok is a place full of trends and exciting things. You will spot a new trend going viral on the app. While you cannot become famous by just trying the trends, it sure brings you out on the explore page and boosts your page. 

Select the trends closer to your niche, and participate in the ones that arise from your choice of the segment. Do not try to hop on every trend as that will not be difficult to achieve, but also barely bring any traction to your page. Trends are one of the tactics that come in as help to increase the follower base. 

Identify hashtags

It might seem like a thing of the past, but hashtags still play an important role in increasing your viewership. Hashtags help people hop on your page and explore more. Use hashtags relevant to the particular post to bring more people searching for similar videos to the surface. Do not overload on the hashtags, make a select few choices with every video, and hope that your post attracts millions of views and increases your page’s interest. 

Think creative 

A highly creative platform and with plenty of talented creators, you will have to unleash your creative side and think away from the circuit. Think different, make something unique, and that is the key to fame. Again, suppose you are setting up a business and want users to know about it. In that case, you must think of unique ways to post content and create a marketing push via your videos.

Originality goes a long way in creating an image on social media. Thanks to technology and internet penetration, many users are signing up on the app each day, increasing your chances of getting more popular and a star on TikTok.

Collaborate and cross-market 

The collaborations, shout-outs, and duet videos are some great ways to increase your followers. Look to collaborate with content creators that are already famous. Collaborations are the next big thing on TikTok. The duet feature allows two users to post their videos. 

How it helps – the ready follower base of the other collaborator is already looking at your post, and that increases the chances of many users also stumbling on your page. Continue to engage and work with other creators until you secure fame on the app. 

Brand collaborations too

Brand collaborations are a great way to increase followers, become popular, and make some money from the posts. Brand collaborations are engaging, fun, and rewarding. Identify the brands that resonate with your niche and your essence, and then collaborate with them. It is equally important to identify a niche in the brands. Any and every brand collaboration may make your page ambiguous and perhaps even uninteresting. 

Focus on quality 

Maintain the quality of your posts and do not sacrifice it just for the sake of making regular posts. As much as consistency comes into play, so does quality. Good quality content will always land you a bunch of followers and help build a desired position on the app. 

If you want to be a famous TikTok and you are a dancer, focus on your performance quality, the shooting techniques, and the video resolutions. A check on all of these factors is your step to becoming a popular influencer on the platform.


Trends change, and so do platforms that people love to use, and as much as it has come into realization, TikTok is here to stay. Start today, and start with getting your basics in place, and everything else will follow. Once you become popular on the platform, remember to upkeep the performance and help others along the way. Experiment, think out of the box, and let those creative juices flow. You may see a result and reach your goal after a few months of hard and smart performance. 

Author Bio:

Sherri Carrier is a professional content writer and editor and a member of several writing clubs in New York City. She has been writing short stories and poems since she was a child. She gets her writing inspiration from famous writers from the past and her network in the writing clubs.



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