Premier Gazette Features Market America

According to Premier Gazette, Market America|SHOP.COM is Greensboro’s best kept secret. It’s moments like this one that remind me why we started and stuck to the model. We had a dream to bring business to Greensboro and the world internationally and sometimes we can’t believe that dream has come to fruition. Thank you, Premier Gazette for the feature!

The article starts off with the history of Market America. How JR, Marc, and I started the business in Greensboro before we went public in 1994 and bought back our shares in 2002.

“From the inception, we knew we had an idea whose time had come. We knew that we had a business model that empowered ordinary people to realistically succeed and achieve their goals.”- JR Ridinger

Then the article goes on to discuss the Unfranchise model and how we and so many others have become successful through the model.

“Market America’s motto is Built on Product. Powered by People. By creating this culture and this environment where anyone from any background can thrive and become successful is really what the company is all about.”

The subject of our International Convention came up. Along with SHOP.COM and the advantages of shopping through the website.

We’re so honored for all the praise! Be sure to read through the article. If you’re an unfranchise owner, share the word!



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