Speak Your Truth With the ‘Me Too’ Campaign

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Women are opening up and speaking their truth for the first time. And you’d be surprised to learn just how many women are speaking out for the first time. Women are going onto their social pages with one simple phrase: “Me Too.” The idea is that if all those affected by sexual assault go to Facebook and social media pages with this phrase then we’d really know the number of women who has been affected by sexual assault.

Speak Your Truth With the ‘Me Too’ Campaign


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This campaign is helping to remind women that they aren’t alone. It’s startling how many of my own friends and family have been posting this one simple phrase. It’s heartbreaking to learn about their stories, but it’s good to hear them speak out and be courageous. Celebrities are coming out and telling their own experiences with assault.


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Wow! These stories hit home. I send out my love to all my fellow women out there. You are all so brave for sharing your stories! Thank you. You inspire me.



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