Amber Talks Empowerment During #Thankful4Women Panel

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Amber Ridinger joined Glamsquad on a panel last night in support of #Thankful4Women. The women who attended got a night of networking, mentoring, and a panel featuring Cara Santana of Glamsquad, Gigi Gorgeous, Rebecca Black, Mikayla Kits, and Amy Shecter. Amber and the other women spoke about empowerment and living their dreams.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to share your know-how with the world! I couldn’t be prouder of Amber. She wanted to inspire women to remind them that they can find the resources to make their businesses a reality! At the same time, she was inspired by all the women on the panel who were leaders and entrepreneurs in their own respective industries. Cara is an inspiration to us both. We feel blessed to have her as a friend.

Amber does not love public speaking, just like so many people out there but she did it! She’s amazing! A true inspiration to JR and I. “I was nervous and knotted up but the girls were so inspiring and so moving and I was honored to be able to participate in something special. Working with the Glamsquad team was amazing,” Amber shared on her Instagram stories.

We couldn’t be prouder, Amber! Keep up the good work!



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