Meet Fearless Female, Ivey Ray

Uplifting and highlighting amazing women is one of my favorite things to do. The “Fearless Females in Business” series has introduced me (and you!) to incredible females killing it in the business. This week, I’m honored to share Ivey’s story as a former Associate Producer for Reality TV to switching to a career in beauty. Ivey is all about serving her clients in a holistic way and shares how she stayed up to date with digital trends to continue serving her clients worldwide. Her success story of quadrupling her retail business since the pandemic hit is beyond inspiring!

How long have you been in a business?

In 2017, My friend Jaxx Menconi (now business partner) introduced me to the Motives Cosmetics line while we were working on set together in New York City. 

I have been in business for myself since 2010. I am a former Associate Producer for Reality Television, and switched my career to Makeup Artistry in 2014. Since then, I have been specializing in beauty & special effects makeup for television and commercials. I also have a growing bridal business in the luxury wedding space. 

I partnered with Market America & Motives Cosmetics in 2017 because I saw the need to be able to service my clients in a more holistic way, offering the very best product recommendations in makeup, skincare, and wellness. Although I’m based in New York City, I offer an array of virtual services, including lessons, product consultations, and my  popular virtual class Headshots from Home, nationally and globally.

Which market are you from?

Makeup, Skincare & Wellness

What makes Market America | SHOP.COM unique?

It gives me the power to service my already existing clients well past their in-person services with incredible products that have solution based results. I can connect and communicate with them ongoing, nationally and globally. I can also send them goodies drop ship when they’ve spent a certain amount with me as a little pick me up gift.

The education the company provides is second to none. I haven’t had to get my estheticians license because of all the free and low cost trainings MA provides! 

Favorite product to sell and why?

The 3 step skincare system. Everyone needs to at least cleanse, tone and moisturize and some of my clients have never taken care of their skin topically, so the results are very dramatic for them and they love it and thank me for my help.

How did you pivot your business strategy when the pandemic hit?

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, all of my production and bridal clients cancelled or rescheduled. I had to figure out if I could service folks from home, without being able to touch them since makeup artists are phase 10 (last to be essentially working). Well, it turns out I could. I had my clients learn virtually how to apply makeup with precision and ease, elevated their selfies & photos from my Headshots from Home class, and helped them with customized skincare and wellness regimens. 

I also tried my hand in influencer marketing which has proven to be really successful. I’m teaching my folks who follow me what I offer, and have created a little community to call my own where I have “fans” who appreciate my advice and helpful tips.  It’s all about getting out of your head and into the fun of it all.

How have you used social and digital to grow your business?

I have been consistent in posting creative, organic content from scratch based on my personality. I’m completely me, and that’s what my followers (and friends) want to see. My retail business quadruped since the pandemic hit because I’m able to offer solutions from home, and at their fingertips.

What piece of advice would you tell a UFO who is just starting out?

Brand yourself genuinely and authentically. If you sound salesy, you probably are. Reword things so it feels natural, and special to the person reading it. Fit them into your dialogue. It’s hardly about you when you’re reaching out about services you provide. You already know the right answers!

Which new product are you most excited to try?

The hydrate x3. I love hyaluronic acid serums and I was so excited to see it being introduced in my favorite skincare line, Lumiere de Vie.

How has Loren Ridinger inspired you?

Her ease of being strong and powerful on stage is because it’s authentic. What her best celebrity friends say about her isn’t paid for or fake, they love her and keep her close to their chest for a reason. She’s extremely empowering, and you can see she truly cares. You can’t help yourself but feel emotional when you hear her public speaking. It’s like she’s gripping your heart and soul.

I want to be that for others. My happy place is helping people.

Are there any other females in the business that inspire you? If so, who and why?

I’m a big fan of other makeup artists who are influencers such as Katie Jane Hughes, Violette FR, and wellness advocates like Karolina Kristina on IG. They all have a purpose and a message in their content. They could all EASILY be models, but they use their bodies and faces as a canvas with a message behind it. 

That’s what I try to emulate my brand after.

In the MA business, Jaxx Menconi inspires me because she is painfully professional, funny, authentic and real. She embodies charisma while doing a damn near perfect job in whatever she’s doing. I’m also inspired by Ka Xiong because she has branded herself so flawlessly. You KNOW when you see a Ka photo that it’s her work. I love true artists!

What’s your super power?

My superpower has always been making friends from all walks of life. I love making people feel comfortable and make it easy to talk to me, for them to have a safe space. Life is already really hard and scary, so I always want to leave people better than when I found them.

I can also hook folks up with appropriate networking opportunities, which is a hobby of mine. I like to see people win! 

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