Train Your Brain to Be More Positive


Have you ever taken a minute to think about your thoughts? Your brain has so much information traveling in and out each day, it’s pretty fascinating to look deeper into what you’re actually thinking about. If you spend a little time monitoring your thoughts, you may notice some negativity – probably more than you’d expect and more than you want. But with a little work, you can train your brain into positivity. Check out these tips to make positive thinking your default mindset 🙂


Train Your Brain to Be More Positive

  • Stop and watch. Take a few minutes each day to assess your thoughts.
  • Take a piece of positive inspiration and make it your mantra each day.
  • Try an app (really!). There’s lots of apps out there to help make each day less stressful and more calm (like Health Through Breath or Breeze).
  • Find a slice of positivity in everything you do.
  • Be thankful. Keep a gratitude journal that you write in every morning or before you go to sleep.

Do you think you can train your brain into being more positive?



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