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The Best Online Holiday Cards

The Best Online Holiday Cards

Right around now, it’s hard to have anything but holiday chatter on the mind. I firmly believe that a personal note, even one that’s short and sweet, can make a big difference in someone’s day. So holiday cards are definitely at the top of my list. This year, in addition to paper cards, I’m looking at some digital options – they’re greener, easier to personalize, and quick to send to anyone, anywhere. So in the spirit of holiday efficiency, here are my top five picks for the best online holiday greeting cards. Let me know what you think!

The Best Online Holiday Cards

The Best Online Holiday Cards

Paperless Post – Paperless Post’s sophisticated sensibility won’t make you think twice about sending a virtual greeting. The designs are meant to look like thick cardstock with matching envelopes and sleek lining to make it all come together tastefully.

Evite – This classic site is for more than just invitations. Evite provides free greeting card options along with customizable versions, and print options as well.

JibJab – If you’ve got a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to show it, import your face and create a virtual singing, dancing, and all-around amusing version of yourself with JibJab to send to friends for the holidays.

Hallmark E-Cards – Known for its cardstock versions, Hallmark has now taken to the internet for the same beautiful sentiments that can be scheduled ahead of time to be sure you don’t forget a special occasion.

Treat – Treat’s modern design options provide plenty of choices for the holidays. Add your own photo for a truly personal touch at prices lower than a dollar.

What do you think of digital greetings? Are they sweet and saavy? Or just plain lazy? Sound off in the comments!


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