Short Hairstyles

Summertime is here, ladies, so it’s time to make an appointment with your hairdresser for that short haircut look of your dreams. When the weather warms up, it’s easy to just want to chop it off so sweat isn’t forcing a damper on your hair swag. When you have no idea what sort of haircut you want—well that’s a problem. No worries, there are plenty of super cute and stylish short hair looks that are layered, tapered and perfect for you. Check them out below! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Which hairstyle is your favorite?




Blunt Cut- This hair look is barely layered, but perfect if you want something easy that won’t mess with your hair’s natural texture. I say, go for this look if you have naturally wavy locks.



Edgy Bob- If you’re in search of an edgier look, Coco Rocha’s side swept super short bob is sure to be the right match.




The Pompadour Pixie- This pixie creates a classic old hollywood glamour reminiscent of super stars like Marilyn Monroe. Flip it around and play with the texture in order to create a look you love.




The Layered Bob- The layered bob is essentially the short hair look of the moment. Take a style tip from Julianne Hough and play with the texture and layers with your curling wand. It should create a face framing look to flatter any face shape.




The Tapered A-Line Bob- I loved Emma Watson’s pixie cut. It looked so flattering on her, but as she began to grow out her lock, we caught sight of some fabulous bobs and short hair cuts like the one above. This tapered a-line bob is for anyone who is looking for something with volume in order to jazz up your look.





The French Bob- This fabulous cut is reminiscent of one of my favorite film character, Amelie. It’s a modern twist that looks effortless and very French. Try this uber short look if you have a small round face, in order to flatter it the best.




The Banging Bob- Add bangs to your bob or short hairstyle like Felicity Jones did above. It’s a helpful way to add something a little extra to your look while also framing your face.




The Classic Pixie- A pixie cut is harder to maintain than you would think, but this classic look is so flattering and perfect for the summertime, it almost becomes a question of “why not try it?”



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