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6 Quotes about Giving

There is always a reason to smile quote

With all the demands of the holidays, it can be easy to forget why we celebrate it. Yes, gathering with family and exchanging gifts with friends are great moments to be treasured. But let’s not forget that the true spirit of the season revolves about giving. Giving to others without expectation is a spiritually rewarding act that shouldn’t be forgotten. As we all come together to celebrate the holidays and all the blessings this year brought with it, take time to also remember to give back – to the community, to those in need, to those who don’t have family or friends to share this time with, and just for the sake of giving. To celebrate this sentiment, I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes about giving. I hope they will resonate with you. xo

There is always a reason to smile quote

Quotes About Giving

I hope these quotes inspire a spirit of giving selflessly this holiday season.


giving quotes



we make a life by what we give quote



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