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Letting Go: Try These New Year’s Rituals

Letting Go: Try These New Year's Rituals

It’s funny how letting go of something or someone can be one of the most difficult things we face in life. But at the end of 2016, it may just be the best way to make room for new opportunities. If you find that you simply need to move on from something or someone who is holding you back, starting 2017 fresh is the right way to go about it.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, wanting to move on or let go of something you keep clinging onto, burning the past or going through a ritual of sorts can really help. And, while this may seem somewhat out of your comfort zone – keep reading. You just may be surprised at how cathartic this really can be right at the start of a new year.

Letting Go: Try These New Year's Rituals
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Letting Go: Try These New Year’s Rituals

Turn to nature. Have you ever seen those beautiful photographs of weddings and other events where rice paper lanterns are set free into the sky? I want you to picture the way the air and the wind lifts those lanterns into the air and they begin to float away, making a peaceful and beautiful spectacle of light. You have the power to do this same thing – allowing yourself to let the grudges, bad feelings and sadness that’s holding you back to float away – never to be seen again. Try using flower petals to identify the things you want to let go of – each petal representing a bad experience of relationship. Head outside to your favorite spot in nature and throw that handful of flower petals into the wind. Say goodbye and don’t turn back – use nature to direct your path.

Burn it. Got something you really need to forget or is really dragging you down? Write it down on a piece of paper. Could be a whole list or one simple moment in time. Now – either build a fire in your backyard fire pit or in your fireplace. Sit by it. Reflect. And, when you’re ready, toss that list into the fire and watch it burn. Vow to stand up, move on and never turn back.


Clear the clutter that’s bringing you down. Are you struggling with a memory or a person who you just can’t seem to move on from? Is the clutter in your home and mind a never-ending reminder of what you’re trying to move past? It’s time to clear it out and clean. Even if this is an incredible emotional hurdle, get a friend to help and spend a day clearing and cleaning things out. Once things are cleaned out, make the space yours again giving it the energy and sense of calm that makes you feel good.

Meditate or say a prayer. Even if you are not religious, sometimes the simple act of closing your eyes, talking time to wish good thoughts for yourself or someone else or spending a moment to simply be is one of the best ways to move on from something that’s dragging you down. If it’s a past relationship you need to move on from or an old bad habit – wish that person well or tell that bad habit you’re OK without it – you’re finding new and healthy habits to fill that void.

Have you found yourself struggling with the idea or the process of letting go? Would you give one of these rituals a try?


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